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Patients, survivors, friends and family say it best. The following testimonials were submitted by people whose lives have been touched by the programs of Hope Abounds Charity. Whether a story of survival, a story in honor of someone who has battled cancer, or a first person account – we invite you to share your story.

hope abounds, chairty, cancer education Testimonial of Tracie T.
Hope Abounds is truly a Giving Organization who consistently and selflessly works for those with cancer. My daughter has been unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer and through out this ordeal we have had help, but its a blessing to know that organizations like Hope Abounds, not only help once, but they Continually seek to be by your side. They helped by paying several bills, during the Holidays with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, also buying Christmas gifts for the children.   Tracie T.

Testimonial of Ginger and Adam Thomas

My name is Ginger and my husband is Adam. First, I want to thank Hope Abounds for the opportunity to give back but a fraction of the blessings they have given our family. While we are walking through this journey, Hope Abounds has not only rescued us when we were drowning, they continually lift us up to where we need to be. We are a family of nine, six daughters, three sons all single births. Adam and I have been together since we were fifteen years old. We are truly a very strong family unit and are blessed to have had each other during these extreme turbulent times. I cannot leave my faith out of this picture, as God is the glue that held our family together wen we almost fell apart. At this point it is very difficult to share 8 years of our families’ life in a few short minutes. Let me begin by saying our youngest daughter, Sophia Hope has been fighting for her life since she was 8 months old. We have had beautiful short reprieves from the cancer and epilepsy, since relocating to North Carolina. However, as life threatening illnesses do, they can rear their ugly head at any time without warning.

When we moved here, we really knew no one, but developed friendships within our church family and a few neighbors. Other than that we were not aware of any resources for cancer patients and their families’ that Hope Abounds provides. A woman that went through her cancer diagnosis and illness with Hope Abounds by her side every step of the way referred us to this organization and I am proud that she is continues to serve as a volunteer and source of referral. Before moving here, our family endured so much the year prior to Hope’s birth, her cancer diagnosis would be the last thing on our mind much less a thought. Everything we had already been through was like something you only see on TV. Before Hope was born, our darling, perfect infant daughter Malia Faith passed away unexpectedly to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. She was barely six weeks old and is absolutely beautiful. Her life was with purpose as she gave the gift of life and meaning as an organ donor. Today, another sweet child has a beating heart because Faith so selflessly gave hers and this child continues to live on today because of Faith’s most precious gift. God gave her a job to do and she did it well.

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Debora’s Testimonial
I was overwhelmed about all of the support received from Women of Hope. I received the care package and letters from the foundation that really uplifted my spirits. It is good to know that others really cares. I also received financial assistance with some of my bills which really helped me out a whole lot because my expenses seem to increase each month. I am so blessed. Thank you so much Women of Hope and Hope Abounds for supporting me through so many areas in my time of need.

hope abounds, woman of hope, cancer survivorJulie Godley Testimonial
On May 2, 2014, I found a lump in my breast. Eleven days later, I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. I was 48 years old. My mother had been diagnosed at age 65 in 2003 with a very aggressive Stage 3 form of breast cancer and passed away two years later in 2005. I always thought in the back of my mind that I may one day be faced with breast cancer due to my mother’s history, but I did not think it would be at such a young age. I learned later that there are many women even much younger than me battling this disease and other forms of cancer.

I had a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation. I was very fortunate that I did not have to endure chemotherapy due to the early stage of my cancer. I had a great support system, but after the surgery and treatment was over, I think everyone assumed I was fine. Well, I can tell you that I was not fine! I still needed support and understanding.

I learned of Women of Hope at the exact time I needed it, but I wish I had known of this wonderful organization from day one of my diagnosis! I went to a luncheon and a few months later attended the pilot cancer support group called ‘Woman in the Mirror’. Women with all different kinds of cancer attended the group sessions. We shared stories, cried together, prayed together and most importantly learned how to move on from cancer. After surgery, treatment and medication, your body just does not feel the same. I had always felt like I took care of myself very well, but I learned that there was more self-care that I needed. During the sessions, we had speakers share information about fitness, health and nutrition, beauty and more. We created ‘vision boards’ to visualize what we wanted in our future. I still look at my vision board every day! It helps me realize what I have achieved, and keeps me focused and grateful.

Cancer changed me forever, but in a good way. It was God’s little wake-up call for me. I will always be grateful to Elizabeth Barnes and Women of Hope for truly giving me the hope and faith to move on. Elizabeth is a blessing and she truly saved me!
Julie Godley

hope aboundsAngie’s Story – Women Facing Cancer!
With no medical insurance, the loss of her mother and grandmother, mounting bills, and a limited support system, how could she move forward? Angie was alone and afraid.
In August of 2010, I had a clean mammogram. In February of 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I was the youngest of 3 children and the only female. My mother had passed away in 2003. My Grandmother passed away in 2005. With no women to guide me, I was scared. I felt isolated and very unsure. How would my husband and I navigate this uncharted path? I needed sisters and women around me. I needed someone who had been down this road before, but who? I was desperate for information and for someone who understood.

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Hope Abounds is a charitable nonprofit with a simple mission to support every individual battling cancer. Through our service of Patient Advocacy, Educational Programming and Navigation through the cancer journey, no one is ever alone through their fight.

Hope Abounds, Inc.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization

Charity Number 27-1858542

Hope Abounds provides Patient Advocacy, Educational Programming and Navigation through active cancer treatment.  These services are designed to help with the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of all that have been touched by cancer. By providing free of charge opportunities one can join with others to share their experiences, strengths and most importantly, their Hope!

By helping to meet some of the basic needs of those who are battling a cancer diagnosis, Hope Abounds, Inc. is instrumental in allowing the patient and family to concentrate on being their own best advocate during their treatment.  Hope Abounds provides educational and support programs, helping with patient advocacy and offering financial assistance.  We offer hope that you are not alone in your journey!

Hope Abounds offers educational programs to help guide the patient diagnosed to be the best advocate for themselves.  When accepted into our program the patient is offered a personal patient advocate, to help encourage and identify what will be the most effective way for Hope Abounds to make a difference.  We understand the overwhelming feeling that comes with a diagnosis.  We are here to offer HOPE!  

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