One-to-One Support Program

With the One-to-One Support Program, we strive to provide the best personal service we can offer to each NEWLY DIAGNOSED patient at their point of need.  Through providing advocacy from the time an individual has received a cancer diagnosis of any type, we are able to help the patient and families to navigate through the cancer journey by assessing the needs of the home and family.  We do this by providing resources and encouragement to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each patient.  Through ongoing education and support, we will help the patient become their own best advocate.  We listen, we care, we offer help to give you hope.

Our Patient Advocacy Services are intended to address the items below to assist the patient during their medical treatment.

  • Minimize confusion for the patient or caregiver

  • Reduce the number of agencies a person must approach to receive services

  • Support individual choice and informed decision-making

  • Increase the cost effectiveness of care support systems

Apply for assistance

Instructions: To apply, please print the first three PDF forms and submit them to Hope Abounds by fax at (910) 778-1599 or by email to If you are a referring medical professional or social worker, please complete the Medical Referral Form and fax it to Hope Abounds at (910) 778-1599 or submit it by email to