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Our Story 



The Hope Abounds organization was established in 2009 by Kenny and Elizabeth Barnes when their daughter received a cancer diagnosis at the young age of 32 years. Through the medical treatment that would follow their daughter’s diagnosis, it was their discovery of needs that were not addressed or unknown for the cancer patient. As they made this journey with their daughter, they embraced a commitment and desire to spend their lives serving others who would find themselves in this same crisis of being diagnosed with cancer.


What We Do

Hope Abounds is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to families and patients actively undergoing cancer treatments.  Families are referred by a hospital professional or a friend or family member. Upon acceptance, the patient is provided the services Hope Abounds offers until their treatment comes to a close. During this time, we focus on providing immediate, practical support and services for those fighting cancer. This assistance includes the personal services of Patient Advocacy, Education and Navigation through their medical treatment and personal needs.  While we physically provide these services, we also work closely with trusted vendors and foundations that we work with for the benefit of the patient. We are not a cookie-cutter organization.

Individuals are affected by all kinds of cancers, and we work with them regardless of their specific type of cancer diagnosis. Also, because each family’s story is different, the services we provide are different in each case. We evaluate each family’s individual needs and respond with the appropriate services required. 

Since it’s founding in 2009, Hope Abounds has assisted and touched the lives of more than 250 families each year.

Every dollar donated to Hope Abounds goes directly to helping the families we serve.
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Our Mission

It is our commitment and mission to serve the needs of an individual diagnosed with any type of cancer, to provide patients with the services of Advocacy, Education and Navigation while they are enduring active cancer treatment.

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