The Hope Chest


Hope is a powerful tool in the fight against a cancer diagnosis. 
Sometimes the smallest gesture makes a huge difference to someone.  It can make a bleak day so much brighter.

The “Hope Chest” is a way that you can provide many necessary items to improve the days of treatment for a newly diagnosed adult cancer patient or the parent of a child or teen patient.  Pediatric patients are provided items from the hospital, so Hope Abounds decided to concentrate on the adults.

There are a couple of ways that you can help on the Hope Chest.  You will be able donate these items at any time by bringing them to the Hope Abounds regional office locations, various locations of our community sponsors, or fundraiser events in your region.  Please note the calendar of events schedule for your region.
If locations for donation are not convenient, you can help us provide these items by a general donation that will go towards the purchase of these items.

The Hope Chest can bring a smile on an otherwise bleak day and make the little things just a little bit easier.

Items Needed for Parents of the Children are: Note that the pediatric patients are provided for from the hospital.
Twin size blow up mattresses
Twin Foam Mattress Pad
Twin Sheet Set
(1) Standard Size Pillow
Twin Size Blanket
Pajama Sets for Men & Women (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)
Hygiene Supplies (brush, lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste, kleenex’s, hand sanitizers, soap, Emory boards)
Gas cards ($25 increments)
Starbuck cards ($25 increments)
Funds for parking at $12 per day (30 days = $360)
Disposable Earbuds
Thank You Cards (Packages)

Items Needs for Female Cancer Survivors:

Disposable Earbuds
Thank You Cards (Packages)
Unscented Lotions
Unscented Hand Sanitizers
Gas Cards ($25 Increments)
Chap Sticks (Unscented)

Call us if you have any questions, 910-799-7178
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Thank you for your support!

DONATE - Make a Difference!Thank You, Together We Offer Hope!

Cancer is only going to be a chapter in my life and not the whole story!


Hope Abounds is a charitable nonprofit with a simple mission to support every individual battling cancer. Through our service of Patient Advocacy, Educational Programming and Navigation through the cancer journey, no one is ever alone through their fight.

Hope Abounds, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) charitable organization
Charity Number 27-1858542

Hope Abounds provides Patient Advocacy, Educational Programming and Navigation through active cancer treatment.  These services are designed to help with the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of all that have been touched by cancer. By providing free of charge opportunities one can join with others to share their experiences, strengths and most importantly, their Hope!

By helping to meet some of the basic needs of those who are battling a cancer diagnosis, Hope Abounds, Inc. is instrumental in allowing the patient and family to concentrate on being their own best advocate during their treatment.  Hope Abounds provides educational and support programs, helping with patient advocacy and offering financial assistance.  We offer hope that you are not alone in your journey!

Hope Abounds offers educational programs to help guide the patient diagnosed to be the best advocate for themselves.  When accepted into our program the patient is offered a personal patient advocate, to help encourage and identify what will be the most effective way for Hope Abounds to make a difference.  We understand the overwhelming feeling that comes with a diagnosis.  We are here to offer HOPE!  

Life’s Amazing, Pass It On.....