National Cancer Survivors Day

Hope-Abounds-LogoToday is a very special day, “National Cancer Survivors Day!” This word “survivor” describes a person that receives a cancer diagnosis at the time they are diagnosed! We honor those who have fought this courageous journey and received your healing here on earth AND we treasure the memory of those who have received their ultimate healing and are waiting for us in Heaven! We are so proud of the faith, courage and HOPE each one kept in their heart as they made their journey and we applaud those who stood beside you!
I have to admit that we are very proud of our own daughter who is the premise of the foundation of HOPE ABOUNDS! We continue to have the privilege of supporting those who reach out to us.
God Bless all of you… know who you are….our hero’s that continue to inspire us whether in person or through our memories.


Life’s Amazing, Pass It On.....