Stepping Into Your Genes

Stepping1Hope Abounds is extremely excited about our program “Stepping Into Your Genes”.  Our educational focus from 2016-2018 will be on what family genes mean to the health future of families.  Hope Abounds, Inc. has partnered with Myriad Genetics for this focus.

This program is an educational program that addresses hereditary cancer genetics in a family beginning at a high school and college level.  Through this program the parents of youth and young adults at the respective age, are challenged to take a proactive role in researching the family history of 2-3 generations in search of cancer diagnoses within the family.

Genetic information serves a two-fold purpose.  One is to educate the parent on necessary preventive measures that need to be considered regarding their health and secondly, to properly inform their children about the possibilities of cancer genes in the family.  By having this information, either the parent or their children, at an age of 17-25 years, can determine appropriate measures that can be taken to reduce a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.  This information will offer a strategic benchmark for future generations to be a proactive advocate for their own health.

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Heather King-Good works in the Oncology Division of Myriad Genetics.

Ann Christian Williams shares her story about being 21 years of age and being tested positive for BRAC1.

Two examples of the “Stepping Into Your Genes” program are below.

Paxton Webster, Miss Wilmington 2015-2016

Paxton Webster, former Miss Wilmington, started this program at the college level.  Through her vision, she was able to bring this program together.

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MaryKate_ Stepping 2 Mary Kate Battle hosted the program as a high school senior through her honors English course and was able to have Heather speak at her school.  Through their efforts they have been able to offer the education needed to change the medical outcome of participants.  The legacy of genetic awareness in a family is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to the generations of family to come.

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