One-2-One Support Program

 hope aboundsOne-2-One Financial and Support Services.
The One-2-One program is a tremendously important part of Hope Abounds.  Through this support program we strive to provide the best personal service we can offer to each NEWLY DIAGNOSED patient at their point of need.  The One-2-One program purpose is to provide patient advocacy at the time a woman, child or teen has received a cancer diagnosis of any type.  Through our advocacy, we are able to help the patient and families to navigate through the cancer journey by assessing the needs of the home and family.  We do this by providing for resources and encouragement to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each patient.  Through education and support we will help the patient become their own best advocate.  We listen, we care, we offer help to give you hope.

Financial assistance is available to those that qualify, while in active treatment, to help sustain the family.  Financial assistance is provided to help families keep their home, pay for utilities, food and gas cards during treatment. Hope Abounds also offers assistance through networking with other community resources.

1) Patient Financial Assistance   Eligibility Criteria & Guidelines

     Fax Printable Form to 910-778-1599   Printable Form

2) On-Line Support Form   Financial and Support Services

     Fax Printable Form to 910-778-1599   Printable Form

3) Patient Consent Form   Patient Consent Form
(To be completed by Patient or Guardian) 
Fax Printable Form to 910-778-1599  Printable Form

4) Medical On-Line Referral Form   Medical Referral Form
     (To be completed by your Oncologist Staff or Social Worker)

Hope Abounds, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) charitable organization
Charity Number 27-1858542
Women of Hope and A Kids Hope are both programs of Hope Abounds Charity that has dedicated itself to enhancing the life of a female, child or teen cancer patient and their families. Hope Abounds does this by providing support services, supporting educational opportunities, patient advocacy and financial assistance. These services are designed to help with the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of all that have been touched by cancer. By providing free of charge opportunities one can join with others to share their experiences, strengths and most importantly, their Hope!



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