One-2-One Financial and Support Services


For the newly diagnosed woman, child or teen with cancer, Hope Abounds provides patient advocacy through our One-2-One Support Program.  Through this program, we work to provide and meet for the needs of each patient at their point of need.  This is accomplished by utilizing community networking resources within the county of residence, as well as, resources that Hope Abounds can provide internally.  Financial support is available to those that qualify, while in active treatment.

By completing and submitting the Financial and Support Services Application the patient is on their way to finding support, compassion, and encouragement through this journey!  Once the completed paperwork has been received in the Hope Abounds office, a Patient Advocate will contact the patient personally.  At this time the application details will be confirmed and, following the Hope Abounds organization protocol, the patient advocate will work to determine the best course of action to help with compassion and care.  Each patient will find that Hope Abounds patient advocates respect the need for confidentiality. Our goal is a wonderful working relationship together.

It is our desire to bring the utmost care during this difficult time in your journey.  We look forward to serving each and every one who reaches out to us.

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