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What information do I need to create a cancer survivorship care plan?
The OncoLife™ Survivorship Care Plan is a “survivorship care plan” that is individualized based on the answers you provide in a brief questionnaire. In order to develop the most accurate plan of care, you may need to talk to your oncology team to have some details of your cancer therapy available:
  ♦ Type of cancer
  ♦ If you underwent surgery, what procedures were done?
  ♦ If you received chemotherapy, what medications were received?
  ♦ If you received radiation therapy, what type of cancer was this done for?

What should I do with my survivorship care plan?
This care plan is meant for you to review and discuss with your healthcare team (both oncology and primary care). Keep in mind that every case is different and the risks of some side effects vary based on the actual dose of radiation or chemotherapy that were received or the techniques that were used to administer these therapies. It is very important to review your care plan with your oncology team to further clarify your risk.

 Offering Cancer Support and Hope
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Hope Abounds, Inc.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization

Charity Number 27-1858542

Hope Abounds provides Patient Advocacy, Educational Programming and Navigation through active cancer treatment.  These services are designed to help with the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of all that have been touched by cancer. By providing free of charge opportunities one can join with others to share their experiences, strengths and most importantly, their Hope!

By helping to meet some of the basic needs of those who are battling a cancer diagnosis, Hope Abounds, Inc. is instrumental in allowing the patient and family to concentrate on being their own best advocate during their treatment.  Hope Abounds provides educational and support programs, helping with patient advocacy and offering financial assistance.  We offer hope that you are not alone in your journey!

Hope Abounds offers educational programs to help guide the patient diagnosed to be the best advocate for themselves.  When accepted into our program the patient is offered a personal patient advocate, to help encourage and identify what will be the most effective way for Hope Abounds to make a difference.  We understand the overwhelming feeling that comes with a diagnosis.  We are here to offer HOPE!  

Life’s Amazing, Pass It On.....