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Comfort Items

Adult Comfort Bags

Comfort Bags are provided for adult patients while experiencing chemotherapy treatments, and contain items such as warm hats, lotion and activity books to make the treatment process more peaceful.

Interested in sponsoring a comfort bag? Please contact us at (910) 799-7178.

Hope Tote Bags for parents

Hope Tote Bags are provided for the parents of children that have been diagnosed with cancer. These bags include the necessary items for an accompanying parent to make a bed in their child’s room such as blow up mattresses, mattress pads and blankets. These bags also include hygiene supplies, comfortable clothing pieces and other elements to help parents to receive the necessary rest while their child is enduring treatment.

Interested in sponsoring a comfort bag? Please contact us at (910) 799-7178.

Cancer Resource Directories

Browse our Childhood, Young Adult, Adult and Breast Cancer resource directories for information about various cancer-related organizations and resource groups.

Patient Advocates

Our Patient Advocates will help guide you as a patient during your cancer journey throughout the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up stages of your medical treatment. Patient Advocates aim to help patients communicate with their healthcare providers to ensure informed decision making, and may also help to obtain financial grants, provide referrals, organize estate and healthcare documents and arrange social support. Advocates may also work with insurance companies, employers, case managers and others who may have an effect on a patient’s healthcare needs.


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