Beginnings of Hope Abounds


Our Daughter Kelly

Our Daughter Kelly

Women of Hope, one program within Hope Abounds, Inc., evolved when cancer became a reality for Elizabeth and Kenny Barnes with the diagnosis of breast cancer for their 32-year old daughter. Along their journey the Barnes family met many female survivors and learned that unlike breast cancer, there are few programs of support and assistance for women diagnosed with other types of cancer.

Women of Hope was founded to fill these gaps in services to meet the needs of all female cancer survivors and their families.  Services have now been expanded through A Kids Hope.  Both Women of Hope and A Kids Hope operate under our corporate name of Hope Abounds, Inc.  Hope Abounds provides supportive services, financial assistance, educational opportunities and advocacy for women, children, teens and their families, who are going through any type of cancer from diagnosis to survivorship.

By helping to meet some of the basic needs of those who are battling a cancer diagnosis, Hope Abounds, Inc. is instrumental in allowing the patient and family to concentrate on being their own best advocate during their treatment.  Hope Abounds provides educational and support programs, helping with patient advocacy and offering financial assistance.  We offer hope that you are not alone in your journey!

The Start of Hope Abounds program Women of Hope.

In 2016 services have been expanded to meet the needs of children and teens diagnosed with cancer and their families through A Kids Hope.  Both of these programs operate under the corporate name of Hope Abound, Inc.

We are enthusiastic to share that we are partnered with the Pediatric Staff at UNC Chapel Hill this year as we launch A Kids Hope programs. The scope of reach and influence for Hope Abounds, Inc. continues to grow as we partner with major hospital systems through the region to bring education, hope, awareness and hopeful prevention of cancer through education for future generations.

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Hope Abounds is a 501(c)(3) that assist women, children, and families during active cancer treatment. The Hope Abounds app will help you have access to educational articles, access to online forms for support and a listing of events where you can be a part of this wonderful organization.From live streaming programs to recorded interviews and events with medical professionals and survivors, Hope Abounds brings encouragement, education, and some entertainment for everyone.

Hope Abounds accomplishes these efforts through their two support and assistance programs to help those in active cancer diagnosis, “Women of Hope” for female adults and “A Kids Hope” for children and teens through 18 years of age.

Hope Abounds, Inc. was founded and is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. Through our programs and services, educational meetings and financial assistance, Hope Abounds helps meet the needs of a loved one or friend that is experiencing active cancer treatment.

Through donations, fundraisers, corporate gifts, and grant funding, the Hope Abounds organization receives the financial support needed to provide the ongoing programs, events and services. At this time we are assisting the women and children in Central and Eastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina.

You too can assist us with the opportunity to help others by supporting us at our “Giving” button on this app.

Hope Media Group produces the recorded programs and live streaming that are offered on this site. Programs can also be provided through licensing opportunities with healthcare providers, community groups, and hospital systems. You can contact us today to learn more about hosting these opportunities.

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