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Helping Children & Teens with Cancer
A Kids Hope is a program of Hope Abounds that has dedicated itself to enhancing the life of a child or teen cancer patient and their families.  When a child or teen is diagnosed with cancer the whole family and everyone who loves them feels that diagnosis.  A Kids Hope helps by providing support services, support educational opportunities, patient advocacy and financial assistance, while in active treatment.  These services are designed to help with the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of all that have been touched by cancer. By providing free of charge opportunities one can join with others to share their experiences, strengths and most importantly, their hope!

The scope of reach and influence for Hope Abounds, Inc. continues to grow as we partner with major hospital systems through the region to bring education, hope, awareness and hopefully prevention of cancer through education for future generations.  We are enthusiastic to share that we have partnered with the Pediatric Staff at UNC Chapel Hill this year.

With the monies raised we will be able to provide support services that include patient advocacy, emotional support through groups or individual, educational opportunities and financial support for those that qualify while in active treatment.  The needs for younger cancer patients can be very different than adults.  We work with each individual to identify what will be the most effective support at the time of need.  With your help we can offer the needed support.  We can offer hope!

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Support Programs are being developed specifically for the parent of a child or teen patient.  There are items that can be purchased now to assist the parent that stays at the hospital with their child or teen during treatment through the Hope Chest.  Financial Donations assist the patient and family in meeting expenses related to treatment and to help the parent and siblings that remain at home to continue with as much of a normal life as they can under the circumstances.  A cancer diagnosis creates change for everyone in the family.

Patient Advocacy is currently being offered through Hope Abounds for pediatric and teens through our A Kids Hope Program.

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A cancer diagnosis can be devastating to the way a family is able to function normally on a day to day basis.  The average time for chemotherapy treatment is 4-6 months.  Some treatments can last a year.  This may start after a surgical procedure that requires recovery time prior to the start of chemotherapy.
If the diagnosed patient is a single income earner, or one half of a duel income family, the economic effect is significant.  When a child or teen is diagnosed, the same issue arises when one parent needs to be with the patient throughout the treatment.  Taking that parent out of the day to day schedule has emotional effects on other minor children within the home.  Who will take the other children to after school activities?  Who will make dinners, go to the grocery, maintain the secure home atmosphere for the children not diagnosed?  How can Dad earn the necessary income and maintain the home?
Deductibles for insurance are due at the start of treatment.  Most are significant for those trying to keep the monthly premiums low.  The average cost is $1,318 out of pocket before insurance begins to cover part of the bills.  Each doctor visit requires a copay.  The average copay for a specialist doctor visit is $30-$50.  Procedures needed for appropriate diagnosis that include an MRI, X-rays, radiation may not be fully covered.  The estimated cost of initial chemotherapy is $7,000.  More than one round of chemotherapy may be necessary.  This is the reality of a cancer diagnosis.
Financial support is available for patients and families that qualify during active treatment.  This is in addition to emotional, educational, patient advocacy, and spiritual support. The type of support can be specified by the patient, parent, or immediate family affected.
Hope Abounds offers educational programs to help guide the patient diagnosed to be the best advocate for themselves.  When accepted into our program the patient is offered a personal patient advocate, to help encourage and identify what will be the most effective way for Hope Abounds to make a difference.  We understand the overwhelming feeling that comes with a diagnosis.  We are here to offer HOPE!

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