The 90 Day Hope Challenge

Monarch butterfly | Credit: iStockThe 90 Day Hope Challenge
A new program pilot “The 90 Day Hope Challenge” is scheduled to be launched January 2017.  This is a sister program to the Woman in the Mirror and will assist the cancer patient to take back control of her body image!  Over the 90 days, she will be provided with uplifting and educational programs and speakers that share about nutrition, fitness and weight loss.  The effects of the cancer treatment touch every part of the body.  It may not feel like the same body you had before treatment.  This program will help take back control and empower the survivor to change the image she sees in the mirror and in her mind.  Participation at any level of the program is up to the participant.  In addition to the educational programs, it will provide social times with walks through different locations in the county that she resides.  Currently, this program will be piloted in Wilmington with plans for it take place in each region we serve.

This is a sister program to “THE WOMAN IN THE MIRROR” and is designed to help the cancer survivor become HEALTHIER in the areas of physical, spiritual, and mental well-being after cancer treatment is completed. The program includes biweekly group meetings in a safe non-judgmental, supportive environment.  Special presentations will be offered from a Nutritional, Physical and Healing Arts specialist, who specializes in several modalities. It will empower you to become a HEALTHIER YOU….  THE YOU THAT YOU WANT TO BE AND DESERVE TO BE!

The opportunity will be given to establish and set your own personal goals to work towards and achieve in 90 days.  Group settings help to promote motivation, accountability and partnership.  Weekly “Optional Meet Ups” will be scheduled for those participants who want to join in group walks or other physical activity in areas that include beautiful walking trail paths and parks.  Assistance in establishing your goals is available.  For those wishing to participate, a confidential “weigh in” will be offered.

A fun recipe exchange will be part of this program along with a taste testing of recipes brought in from the participants.  The program will be wrapped up with a Celebration of Completion, where each participant will be celebrated for their achievements, at any level.  Each survivor will have the option to participate in the challenge twice.  We will provide a 90 Day Hope Challenge Binder to provide guidelines and to help track this successful journey!  The binder will include a goal tracker, calendar, motivational exercises and words of encouragement.  This program is offered free of charge.

A “Swag Bag” will be given to each participant full of our community partners with special offers. The swag bag will include coupons from local area restaurants and businesses that offer products and services to help promote a healthier life style.  It also includes, calendar of classes, meet ups and locations, goal sheet suggestions and motivational materials.

Come join us.  Let us help you discover the new you.

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